Get More Business from Social Media

Just about every business out there spends time & effort posting on social media — even though it isn’t clear whether the expense is paying off.

We help you make sure it’s returning a benefit to your business. If it isn’t, we show you what to do differently if it isn’t working.

Here’s Where We Take You

Just about every business uses social media to come out ahead in the race to be the most memorable in their region for their type of business. However, not very many businesses have the information on hand to know whether they are doing social media in the right way that lets them win the race.

Online Impact Group solves this issue with proprietary analysis tools that uncover critical differences between the social media posts of a business as compared with the competition’s posts.

Gain a Competitive Edge

With this information in hand, we provide clients with a simple and straightforward list of the methods and techniques that your competitors are using that move them ahead. These are the opportunities for improvement.

A Prescription Tailored for Your Business

Most importantly, we provide you with a clearcut prescription for what your social media team can do to win the race for business visibility in Facebook and Instagram.

Support and Guidance: Personalized Follow-up

Because changes in approach can be a sensitive pill for dedicated social media marketing teams to swallow, we include a 30-minute Zoom call with you and your team to show how our findings were made, and the ways to make the needed changes most efficiently.


During the Zoom call included in this package, we show you how to use Google Analytics to see how many visitors are coming to your website from social media, and how to determine the revenue generated.

Exclusivity: One Business Per Market

To avoid conflict of interest, we only provide our services to one business per market. Make sure to be the first in your market to grab this package!

Price: $135

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