Measure & Improve Your Marketing

Measure It, And You Can Improve It

Online Impact Group deploys its clients’ marketing strategies only after ensuring all relevant measurements are in place and reporting data.

We specialize in measuring and optimizing across multiple categories of data including the ones below.

Human Factor Measurements

  • Perceived quality
  • Trust level
  • Call to action messaging
  • Concepts being promoted

Social & Email ROI

  • Phone calls, emails, leads generated by campaigns
  • Time cost & dollar cost per call/email/lead
  • Engagement value per social posting
  • Retargeting analytics from user actions

Traffic and Revenue Analytics

  • Engagement per incoming source
  • Revenue deltas across device types
  • Location queries per medium
  • Cost per engagement action

Website Performance Analytics

  • Server capacity and speed
  • DNS lookup delay for off-site resources
  • Landing page speed analytics
  • Usability analytics by device type
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