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Enhancing Revenue

Online Impact Group’s main product is revenue enhancement through a fine-tuned engineering approach to digital marketing across all levels.

Our skillsets, gained across 20+ years of doing business, let us design and deploy our services based on every client’s primary requirement: gaining more in revenue than it costs to do the marketing that generated that revenue.

Streamlined Approach

Most business owners don’t have time for a marketing agency’s typical practice of performing an “audit” in order to determine what needs fixing and how much it will cost.

To save business owners time and money – and avoid the pricing discussions that an audit brings with it, Online Impact Group offers affordable, easy to understand packages at fixed prices.

Since each business has unique needs based on time of year, location, competition, social media, SEO, email, and paid ads, we’ve created packages to match these needs in a categorized fashion.

Click on any of the four packages below to see how well they match your own business’s current needs. You can contact us here if you would like more details, and you can join any of our upcoming webinars to learn about the business needs that these packages satisfy.

Get what you’ve been expecting since the day you began posting: Measurable return on Social Media.
Start tickling Google in the right places, and coax it into getting your business to show up on more mobiles.
Every business has invisible losses of income known as Revenue Leaks. Catch and patch your leaks today with this new service.
Business owners expect their social media presence to meet and exceed the competition. IMPACTfox makes this goal easier to achieve.
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Marketing that’s Engineered for Positive ROI from the Start
Marketing now requires a combination of expertise typically not found in only one marketing service provider.

Each and every organization comes from a different marketing starting point and each has its own expectations for results. Only with a Full Stack approach – a strategically engineered combination of digital and traditional marketing methods – can any organization achieve sufficient return on money and time invested.

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by deploying well-tuned marketing engineering strategies.

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Connect with Us to Know More
We’ll get right back to you
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