Patch Revenue Leaks with our Big-M Marketing Offering

Get a full-path analysis of revenue flow from brand awareness to SEO, web and Social Media traffic, online & phone booking flow, to customer experience and attraction into repeat customers.

Here’s Where We Take You

We conduct an unobtrusive, eagle-eyed examination of all the aspects that contribute to your revenue flow – from initial thoughts in a potential customer’s mind, all the way through your marketing systems and into your purchase system, to their experience as a customer, and then afterward when they consider becoming a repeat customer.

Once we’ve completed the examination, you’ll see where your business is experiencing invisible revenue leaks that, when patched, lead to a lasting improvement in earnings.

With our examination, we don’t just point out the revenue leaks though. We provide the data to explain each issue and a prescription for patching. We’ll even be happy to provide a quotation for deploying the patches if you want it done turnkey.

Here’s what we look for:

Revenue leaks – Find out if and where you may be losing bookings and/or repeat customers along the entire revenue flow from customers’ first awareness of your offerings, all the way through to gaining booking revenue & becoming a repeat customer

Social media performance – Find out if you are behind, even, or ahead of your competitors in what it takes to gain & retain customers via Social Media

SEO & Local SEO Performance – see if your business has any needs to improve SEO not only on your website but also its local listings for maximum visibility in search results, maps results, and location-based searches

Email Marketing Performance – Find out whether your business is doing the best possible job in email marketing. Learn if you are creating your emails in the ways that are required to:-

  • Avoid your emails going to spam folders
  • Get people to open your email
  • Get people to click over to your website from your email and make a booking
  • Make sure your email looks good when viewed in the popular dark mode on mobiles and across the most popular email systems including gmail, outlook, and apple mail
Don’t Hesitate

Make sure to be the first in your market region to go for this package, because to avoid conflict of interest, we only provide our services to one business per market.

Price: $850

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