Increase Revenue & Save Marketing Costs
with Big “M” Marketing

The Marketing Engineers at Online Impact Group
bring these skillsets and more to each client.

The Obvious

Responsive Websites

  • Web development with strict attention to mobile usability
  • Lead Gen and Brochure Sites
  • Strategic look & feel design for B2B, B2C
  • Optimizing across iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop screens


  • Google Analytics with event tracking for tracking phone calls, map clicks, outbound links, form submits, and more
  • Ecommerce Value Reporting into Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools integration
  • Tracking number integration for print campaign monitoring in Google Analytics

SEO, PPC, & Social Media Marketing

  • Organic & Local SEO
  • PPC for Search, Display, & Social Networks
  • Costing – CLV and CPA vs CPC/CPM
  • Campaign design, deployment, & management

The Not So Obvious But Crucial

ROI Driven Strategy

  • Customer Lifetime Value must be known at start
  • Determine customer or lead acquisition cost as percentage of CLV
  • Engineer optimal medium/channel selection based on acquisition budget
  • Balance ROI across on page optimization, off page optimization, PPC/SEM and Social

Human-Factor Optimization

  • Engagement Driven Messaging + Look & Feel
  • Ubiquitous call to action optimization
  • Human factor testing & reporting during design
  • Monitor bounce rates, time on site, pages per session

Data Science Approach

  • Data source accuracy & verifiability with multiple sources
  • Traffic dataset size balance with optimization goals
  • Statistical analysis of engagement metrics for CSS optimization
  • Predictive human factor measurements

The Icing on the Cake

Network and Server Security

  • Security Hardening for shared & dedicated/VPS servers
  • DKIM & SPF/Reverse DNS configurations for false-positive spam prevention
  • Brute force hacking prevention with IP banning
  • Non-interactive server logins & 2 factor authentication

Downtime Prevention & Speed Optimization

  • Off-site backups for website DB & filesystem
  • Server capacity monitoring & upgrading
  • Geo-redundant configurations for high-availability sites
  • Software platform & feature testing before deployment

Process Based Operations

  • Website maintenance processes for security updates & bug fixes
  • Quality control processes within social media posting & email marketing
  • Version & Change control on web & software projects
  • Quality control across all responsive views after content updates
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