Cut Your Marketing Waste

Patch Your Revenue Leaks

How marketing effort gets wasted

  • Many channels are known to be low performing or have not yet been proven to be worth spending time on
  • Many channels are low-performing because of a demographic mismatch
  • Many channels take so much internal labor effort to do properly and not look stupid on, that they generate negative ROI

The worst part is lost time

Time is the crucial factor in all marketing methods, because engineering, deploying, measuring, and improving can require months. Any wasted effort can result in knowledge that could have been gained earlier – knowledge which competitors may be gaining ground on.

How we prevent marketing waste

  • We first identify if a client is looking for brand awareness/demand generation, or demand satisfaction (search engine visibility).
  • We assess what mediums and channels are in use or that a client would like to use
  • We compare industry statistics and niche costs with the client’s needs and budget
  • We identify what the competition is and is not doing
  • We look for in-budget opportunities to compete most effectively
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