Google Analytics 4 Consultation & Installation

The nightmare known as Google Analytics 4 (aka GA4) begins July 1, 2023. Make sure you’re prepared for this new marketing paradigm by booking a zoom consultation with us, in which we’ll evaluate your website’s analytics configuration and recommend any tasks that may be important to implement in your site. If you don’t have GA4 installed in your site yet, we’ll look at your site’s current configuration and provide an estimate for implementation.

Here’s What You Get

First we’ll have a 45 minute Zoom call in which we’ll take a look at your website’s current analytics setup and determine whether analytics updates are needed. If you don’t have GA4 installed, we’ll check what platform you are using for the site and determine the most cost-effective way to get it deployed.

We’ll also look at what sorts of reports you currently get from Google Analytics, and recommend what the best reporting mechanisms in GA4 should be used as a replacement after the July 1st cutoff of the previous version of Google Analytics (known as Universal Analytics).

Price: $350

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