The Big-M Marketing Podcast

Launching 2023

About the Podcast

In this podcast designed for business owners and marketers alike, co-hosts Steve Chafe and Subhajit Mitra will provide listeners with episode after episode of information, examples, and tools needed to implement the increasingly popular marketing technique known as Big-M marketing.

Big-M marketing is all about connecting the dots across the entire marketing path, starting from the thoughts in a prospective customer’s mind and reaching all the way to that person becoming a paying customer. It requires skills across all the traditional marketing channels and then adds a new task of learning how to spot where hard-to-see external forces may be impacting marketing effectiveness.

By knowing where to look for these external forces and how to make them visible, a Big-M marketer can patch what used to be invisible revenue leaks. The end result for a business owner is a better return on marketing investment with less waste, and a higher appreciation for the skillsets that marketers bring to the table.

Some of the topics in upcoming episodes include:

  • A Big-M marketing approach to using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok
  • Big-M techniques for email marketing: how something as simple as the font in your email blasts can affect revenue
  • All about WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), and how it can impact search engine rankings and revenue
  • How just a couple words in one headline of one AdWords ad can affect conversion after visitors arrive on your website
  • How to tell if your web designer or marketing agency does Big-M marketing
  • How Big-M marketing methods can help you choose the right social media marketer
  • Big-M Marketing tools to use for making email campaigns work better
  • How to use Big-M marketing to improve revenue when your company takes orders over the phone
  • How Big-M marketing can tell you how much is too much to spend on a new website
  • The tremendous benefits that Non-Profit Organizations can gain from using Big-M marketing methods

And much, much more is in the queue!

A little bit about the hosts

Steve Chafe and Subhajit Mitra are part of the team at Online Impact Group, a marketing firm that has been using Big-M techniques with its business clients for over a decade. They are both passionate techies with a penchant for making invisible problems visible.

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